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Individual Lessons

It's never too late to learn the flute!

Is it your dream to learn how to play the flute?
Did you learn the flute when you were younger and decide to pick it back up?

Either way,
we are here to help.


Our private lessons are individualized to meet your needs and goals. Improve at your own pace and learn the music you've always wanted to play!

Lessons are individualized based on each students' needs and include: 

  • Create a custom practice plan alongside your teacher that includes goals and steps to move forward

  • Build awareness of correct posture and balanced hand position in order to build a solid foundation and avoid injury

  • Learn to create a clear and flexible tone throughout all registers of the flute

  • Learn music theory that gives each student a better understanding of their music

  • Build a sophisticated musical interpretation of a variety of musical styles

  • Construct a toolbox of effective practice strategies and mental preparation in order to practice and learn comfortably

  • Perform in semesterly recitals and the opportunity to perform in studio classes and guest masterclasses

All students taking individual lessons are able to attend our Monthly Workshops for free!

Are you ready to book your free introductory lesson?

We make it easy!

Click below to:
1. Give us your basic contact information
2. Schedule your free introductory lesson

That's it!
Once complete, your teacher will send you follow-up information.

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