Private Lessons

Individualized curriculum to reach your goals and enjoy your playing

When Emma first started taking online private lessons, she struggled to play any scales and it took her over a week to learn a new song. At the end of our first month working together, Emma was able to play 2 scales (from memory!) and learn 1-2 songs a week with this pace increasing monthly!

Have you always wanted to learn music as a child and now want that for your child? 

Does your child want more flute instruction outside of their school program?

Is your child ready to move to the next level of their playing?


You're in the right place if

  • You or your child are looking to expand and invest in your music education outside of school

  • You or your child are excited to learn new melodies and expand your repertoire

  • You or your child are willing to practice and come to class prepared

  • You or your child want to improve tone quality, finger technique and enjoy your practicing


We will help you play the music that you've always wanted to learn! We believe that all students are unique and we create a safe and caring community in which students thrive. 

Lessons are individualized based on what each student needs and include the following: 

  • Create a custom practice plan alongside your teacher that includes goals and steps to move forward

  • Build awareness of correct posture and balanced hand position in order to build a solid foundation and avoid injury

  • Learn to create a clear and flexible tone throughout all registers of the flute

  • Learn music theory that gives each student a better understanding of their music

  • Build a sophisticated musical interpretation of a variety of musical styles

  • Construct a toolbox of effective practice strategies and mental preparation in order to prepare, perform and audition more comfortably and successfully

  • Improving, polishing, stage presence, ear training, developing basic music theory (reading music notation, rhythms, and etc)  

  • Semesterly opportunities for performance in studio recitals and guest master classes

Still unsure on whether to sign up?

We offer a free introductory lesson to anyone interested in our lesson program! 

In this lesson, you will improve your sound and rhythm right from the beginning while learning a new piece of music, at no cost to you. 


Click below to schedule your free trial!

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