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Foundations Together
Summer Program

3 Weeks to a
Stronger Foundation


July 5-22, 2021

Mondays and Thursdays from 7-8 pm EDT

Cost: $150 for new students
$130 for current students

Our 3-week Summer Program is for elementary and middle school flutists. Our aim is to keep students learning throughout the summer and give them techniques that will help them grow as musicians long after our time together. With two classes a week, students will build and establish the important musical foundations needed to enjoy and progress their playing.

Courses are kept in small groups, so your child experiences an individualized instruction while still experiencing the benefits of a group program. 

Students will learn to read with ease while playing many known songs in a variety of keys and time signatures. Every student will have weekly playing opportunities as well as a final online recital open to all family and friends!

Foundational Focus in Each Class

In Every Class 

Students learn how to practice on their own using specific practice strategies.

Students develop their rhythmic vocabulary in order to read and play with ease.

Students practice sightreading in order to learn music faster.

Students learn and strengthen major scales. 

Students learn correct posture, hand position, building a clear tone and breath support

Students learn various articulations including staccato, legato, and slurring. 

Students learn how to use a metronome and tuner effectively in their everyday practice. (This also helps when playing in their school band and orchestra!)

Students learn how to create a musical phrase and incorporate vibrato into lyrical melodies.

Students go in-depth with music theory learning how to read and play well-known songs in different keys. 

Final Recital Preparation
Students review everything learned by playing a game together.
The second half of class is our final student recital open to all friends and family (via Zoom)!

Still unsure if Foundations Together is right for your child?
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All trial lessons are one-on-one. Improve your child's sound and learn a new piece of music in your very first lesson, at no cost to you.


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