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Easy Tips for Boosting Your WiFi

Worried about your internet being too slow before taking online classes?

We've got you covered! We have compiled ways to boost your WiFi with both free/cheap options as well as options that cost more money.

First things first!

Let's check your internet speed how it is right now. To do this you can use various websites but we like to use Google’s internet speed test. It’s easy to find—just type “internet speed test” into the search bar ( and you’ll see a button that says “run speed test.” The best part about using Google is that if you aren’t tech savvy enough to understand the numbers, it tells you whether your internet speed is slow or fast.

If your internet is slow, there are a couple of options to take.

First, let’s start with the free ways to optimize our internet speeds before we get into options that cost us a little bit more money.

  • Keep devices that aren’t using the Wifi during your lesson off of the Wifi (TV’s, extra tablets, extra computers, etc.). It can also be helpful to limit other devices using the internet when having meetings or classes that require a higher bandwidth.

  • Similar to above, make sure to close any unnecessary tabs and applications on your computer or tablet.

  • Position yourself as close to the router box as possible

Now, sometimes the free ways to fix our internet don't always work, especially if there's a bigger issue at play. Here are some other ways to upgrade your internet speed, listed starting with least expensive options ranging to more costly:

  • Connect your computer directly to your router using an ethernet cable. This is what one of our teachers does and she’s found a lot of success with it. Luckily, ethernet cables don’t typically break the bank and you can get cords as long as 50+ ft that run across the entire house!

  • Buy a Wifi extender. These can range in prices but there are some cheaper and reliable ones out there. We suggest always checking reviews before purchasing!

  • Check with your internet provider to see if you can upgrade your Wifi plan. Now that everyone’s learning online, this has been a common alternative for a lot of people!

We hope this has helped. Please let us know in the comments if this has helped or if there was one thing in particular that made the biggest difference for you!

Happy Practicing!

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