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Is Your Child Ready for Flute Lessons?

Do you think your child is ready for flute lessons? We have a couple of considerations for you.

Is your child old enough to play in their school's band?

This is a clear sign that they are old enough. It is always good for students to take private lessons alongside their school band program because they will have more time to reinforce what they're learning. This is becoming more and more relevant as music programs are being cut and band directors see students more infrequently than before.

If they are younger than 4th grade, check out the question below on "Is my child big enough to play the instrument?"

Can your child focus for 20 to 30 minutes?

Focus is important not only during the lesson but outside of it as well. Students should be able to take what they have learned and practice for 10 to 20 minutes a day in preparation for weekly lessons. For children younger than 4th grade, parents may need to help guide their children in their practice.

Is your child big enough to play the instrument?

This is a very important consideration. If a child is too small, they won't be able to reach their instrument comfortably which causes injury and bad habits. Luckily there are adaptations that allow for young children to play the flute comfortably, but this requires purchasing a beginner flute with a curved head joint. A handful of beginner flutes give this as an option. If you are unsure of whether your student is too small, I suggest consulting a flute teacher.

Is your child interested in the instrument?

While this is not a limiting factor, it can be important to deciding what instrument your student should pick up. Children that show particular interest are more likely to put the proper amount of practicing in outside of weekly lessons. This allows students to gain the necessary skills needed when learning an instrument.

Any other questions you suggest we blog about? Please reach out to us! If you're still unsure of whether your child is ready for flute lessons, schedule a free trial lesson with us and we can assess your child's readiness for learning the flute.

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