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Our Favorite Tuner and Metronome Apps

We wanted to share with you our favorite iOS/Android tuners and metronomes (both paid and free!) that we consistently use and guide our students to use.

First, we're going to start with paid applications. While there are many free applications out there, some of the most effective and diverse applications that we have found cost money, but thankfully it is typically a one time payment and we find they are well worth the cost. This is especially true if you use your tuner/metronome in every practice session! When comparing the cost of these applications be mindful of the comparison that our old standard Korg metronome/tuners are on average $20-30 and these applications do far more than those standard devices.

We find it also important to note that we are not receiving anything by endorsing these apps, we truly use these!

Paid Applications

Tonal Energy Tuner & Metronome

iOS + Android

What it can be used for:

  • Diverse metronome allowing for time signature changes, sound changes and beyond

  • Standard tuner

  • Analysis tuner that allows for an in-depth look at waveform, spectral and harmonic analysis of your sound

  • Drone pitches can be customized to sound like different instruments and wave types with multiple drones able to sound at the same time

  • Recording and practice counters that allow you to set practice goals, log your time and even keep daily streaks!

Recommended to all levels of musicians, beginner - professional.

Cost: $3.99

What I have to say about it:

I have to announce that this is my FAVORITE application, I truly cannot recommend it enough. It can be used in a very standard way with the metronome and tuner combo, but there are so many ways to go deeper with your practicing. It took me a couple of months to even discover everything this application offers and there are consistent updates to it!

Tempo Advance

iOS + Android (called Tempo for Android)

What it can be used for:

  • Standard and complex metronome that allows for even complex polyrhythms

  • Automation allows for customization in speeding up and slowing down (accel. and rit.)

  • Different sound options for each beat

  • No tuner included

Recommended to intermediate - professional musicians.

Cost: $3.99

What we think:

I haven’t regretted paying for this application at all. This metronome app is amazing for setting up subdivisions in so many different ways, especially when students are struggling with certain rhythms. I can teach them how to use it to help work on their rhythm. The polyrhythms and more complex timing structures are very good as well.


iOS only

What it can be used for:

  • In-depth tuning of scales and pieces, both short and long

  • Graph shows tuning in real time and can even be exported to PDF for later use

  • Customizable for both fixed and variable tuning instruments, different temperaments and tuning frequencies (ex. A = 440 vs 442)

  • No metronome included

Cost: $3.99

Recommended to beginner - professional musicians.

What we think:

This tuner provides a huge advantage to those developing the relationship between their ear and their instrument. With this application, you can record yourself playing scales, a piece or even just a phrase, and after, it shows an analysis of each of your pitches and whether they're in tune. This allows for analysis of each pitch together within the recording as opposed to tuning each pitch alone using a standard tuner.

Free Applications

Tuner T1

iOS + Android

What it can be used for:

  • Basic tuner with an easy to read interface for students learning how to tune

  • Adjustable tuning frequency

  • Allows for drones to be played on each pitch

Cost: Free

What we think:

This tuner is a simple tuner but I like how easy it is to read. The frequency of the pitch is shown by a line and it shows you when you are within the appropriate tuning of the pitch or how far above or below the note. Doesn't allow for much beyond tuning and playing one drone pitch, but it works well as a basic tuner.

Metronome: Tempo Lite

iOS + Android

What it can be used for:

  • Basic metronome that allows for different time signatures and subdivisions

  • Customize accents and beat patterns

  • Track your bars and time your practicing

Cost: Free

What we think:

This app gives a lot of flexibility for just a free metronome. It allows you to even change the sound of the click and shows the Italian tempo names that go along with the tempo of your choice. I find this helps students to learn these names quicker because they're seeing them more frequently.

For now, that's it for our short recommendation list. We hope this helps you get more out of your practice sessions!


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